Llamas safe

I just got back to San Clemente, here's the news: I left San Clemente at 7:00 and was one of the lucky ones that got through I-5 before it shut down. Took 78 across and 15 north. Got off on Mission in Fallbrook, and was turned back, but advised to try the Rainbow Valley Blvd. exit a few miles north. I did that, and got all the way to Rainbow Glen Road before being turned back. I got out and spoke to the CHP officers blocking Rainbow Glen, and during a lull, one was kind enough to go the 1/2 mile up Rainbow Glen to feed the llamas. I waited anxiously for his return and was relieved to hear the llamas are fine. The bad news is that he said a fire crew was fighting to save the farmhouse when he arrived, and that we'd lost trees around the house and some of the grove. He said it looked like the trees that were lost were avocados, and that the macadamia trees appeared to be safe. Great! The macadamia trees, that are nothing but a public service, are left standing, but the trees that pay the bills have burned. Anyway, it could be much worse, and I'm grateful for that!

He suggested that by nightfall or certainly by tomorrow morning, owners should be able to return to their homes. By the way, if anyone has to interact with a member of the CHP doing "road block" duty, a couple dozen donuts and coffee would probably be really appreciated. These officers are stuck for hours having to do the tough job of turning anxious owners away from their homes, and particularly in remote areas, can't always get away for a bite to eat.

Oh, obviously no baskets this week, but can't see any reason why we shouldn't resume next week, as things stand now.


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for letting us know. Really sucks about the trees for sure. I am terribly sorry about your farmland burning but very much relieved to hear the llamas are safe. My fingers are still crossed that this fire does not affect you anymore than it already has. Stay safe.

Anonymous said…
Thanks for the update. As sorry as I am about your avocado trees, I am equally glad to hear that the llamas are safe and fed. Keeping you in my thoughts that the rest of the farm remains safe. My sons love picking up our fruits and veggies each week and are relieved to hear that "our little piece of farm" is OK. My 5 year old made a wish flag in art class today that all the fires are put out - here's hoping!!!
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad to hear your llamas are safe. Our thoughts are with you and your farm.

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