Flames approach Morning Song Farm, Avocado Harvest blown Away

Much of Fallbrook and Rainbow is being evacuated, although the crew at Morning Song Farm says they see no immediate danger. I'd drive out there myself, if nothing else but to move llamas and chickens to safety, but noone is being allowed into Rainbow at this time. Weirdly, MSF's crew just finished up the fruit harvest for tomorrow's baskets, and says they'll do the vegetables and herbs tomorrow morning, as usual, unless something changes. Please do check this blog for emergency developments; questions such as: can our driver get into Rainbow southbound from Temecula and pick up baskets for Orange County's deliveries? have been left unanswered at this time.

More news: grove manager Rufusio just called to report the majority of 07-08 avocados have been blown to the ground.


Todd said…
Donna - thanks for keeping us posted. I'm encouraged that the fire is keeping itself away and will continue to keep you in my thoughts.
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry about your avocados and am terribly worried about your animals. I so hope they will be okay and am thinking about you and your staff as well.

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