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Harvest Ticket October 29-30 2013


Farm News for Week of October 29-30th 2013

This week's harvest is a bit fruit-heavy with less leafy greens. Despite Spring and Summer's being known as fruit season, really for us here in Southern Cal, Fall is probably as important. We're beginning to collect macadamia nuts as nut fall has arrived in earnest. We harvested the first decent dragon fruit yield ever this year, but still not enough to put in boxes. We do think we will be including them next year, this time, unless Operations hogs them all like they did this year. :/

The variety we grow is from Guatemala, and I think the best of all that we've least for Southern California. Grown as a trellised cactus, the fruit is spineless and has a rich, floral taste that is hard to describe. I like them best when thoroughly chilled. The flowers are spectacular and open for a single day.

We're in the midst of our pineapple guava harvest. For the first few weeks I labeled the bags because so few have seen the fruit in the store. Now I'm saving th…

Harvest Ticket October 22-23 2013

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We have persimmons for everyone this week, although the harvest would be twice as bountiful if Couscous the Bad Llama hadn't discovered a taste for persimmons this year. He ate just about half the crop. We'll put a low fence around the trees for next year so it won't happen again. I don't know why he chose this year to discover the fruit, he's had access for many years.

Cheese Making Class this Saturday at Morning Song Farm

Come on out to Morning Song Farm for our beginning cheese making class. We'll focus October's class on a few of the fun and easy cheeses that will easily turn you into a cheese maker! Impress your friends with cheesey offerings and try out a fun and different hobby that brings dividends of appreciation. You may find that you'll discover a passion for cheese as we have here at Morning Song Farm. It's easier than you'd ever think! Follow along with handouts and easy to follow recipes so that your success is insured when you repeat the steps at home. We'll talk about which milk to use, cultures, and why certified organic milk isn't always your best choice.  We'll make three different cheeses; Garlic Ricotta, Herbed Queso Fresca, Fromage Blanc, Paneer, Feta and Neufchatel cream cheese are among those we choose to make and sample during the class.  Class starts at 9:00. Arrive 15 minutes  early if you'd like, to sample herbed cheeses as wel…

Harvest Tickets October 15-16 2013

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Union Tribune Article 9/30/2013

What it takes to run an organic farm Morning Song Farm, which is known for its rare fruits and vegetables, is a labor of organic love for San Diego County woman By Andrea Siedsma Special to the U-T 10:33 p.m.Sept. 30, 2013 Donna Buono turns on sprinklers that irrigate trees at Morning Song Farm in Rainbow. The farm, which is mostly family-run, has one part-time and one full-time employee. Charlie Neuman • U-T                   
Donna Buono, who learned many homesteading skills such as cheese making from her grandmother, an astrophysicist with NASA — has always had a desire for rural living. As a child, Buono and her family of five spent the summers camping on her uncle’s Maine farm in a 20-foot trailer, giving her the conviction that she’d rather live in a shack on acreage than a mansion in the suburbs. Fast forward to now and you will find Buono on her 20-acre organic farm in the small town of Rainbow, in th…

Harvest Tickets for Week of October 1-2

We're now providing a link so that everyone can read our harvest ticket regardless of platform used. Please let us know if you encounter difficulties. I'm excited to use Dropbox, because when the need to revise a Harvest Ticket comes up, now it's feasible! The old way with going from Word to PDF to Gif and then downloading half a dozen gifs and then fighting the Blogger software to get them to download sequentially was so cumbersome, an omission on the ticket had to just be ignored. Now we can revise easily!
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