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Mulberry Season Has Arrived!

We're excited to see the start of 2015's Mulberry Season. For those who haven't yet tasted the wonders of a Pakistani Mulberry, this fruit is really special! Never disappointingly sour like a blackberry can be some years, the Pakistani Mulberry can even be enjoyed when completely unripe and green. Not that we pick them green, but I have found myself impatient for the ripe versions over the years and was surprised to discover they are totally tasty even green.

Wood Fired Pizza and Mozzarella Making Class March 29th!


You're Pre-Qualified for Slavery

I've always been fascinated with the sordid and bloody history of money, banking and lending. The
subject is a lot more swashbuckling that you might think. Riding rough-shod over women, children and the desperate wasn't uncommon among money-lenders of yore. Which is perhaps why, historically, money lenders would from time to time find themselves becoming the subject of retaliatory death squads. Here in the United States, up until...I don't know....yesterday.....I was under the impression that there were limits...called "usury laws," that reined in the outer limits of mafia-like rates being offered in polite company. Actually, I think the mafia would blush at this offer....Apparently those usury laws have been set aside if the flyer landing in a friend's mail box is any indication. It's the fine print that just astounds. For immediate service the addressee is encouraged to call LoanMe, because the lucky recipient of the flyer is "pre-approved" (ye…