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Harvest Shot, June 3-4, 2014

Sprouts are back this week! All shares have our Radish Sprouts, and the Large Shares also have our Ancient Eastern Crunchy Mix. I've added a note on the radish labels about the fact that the fuzzy roots of the just-harvested radish is normal, not mold.

The only REALLY unusual leafy green this week is the dandies. (See upper left of the photo above.) I enjoy them raw in salads, but they can also be lightly steamed like you would arugula. They're spicy, but not as spicy as arugula. We continue to include lots of avocados in our boxes, but we are coming to the end of 2014's harvest in the next few weeks. You'll notice your avocados take less time to ripen now that the oil content is the highest that it will get. In the beginning of the season in January...avos need at least 10 days to ripen, I think many are finding that the fruit now needs half that.