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Morning Song Farm's Harvest Ticket June 28-29 2011--click on image to enlarge for viewing


Challenges Of The Week, June 21st, 2011

Ha! Where do I begin? For starters, we're really disappointed to see that we have been unable to protect our amazing strawberries from theft. With a couple thousand row feet of beautiful strawberries, we sure anticipated including the just-picked fruit in shares through much of the Spring and early Summer. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case. Not because we finally got with it and learned the tricks of growing this delicious crop; but because theft is a problem that we haven't solved. Next season we will not be growing high value crops in out fields that are indefensible. Here in Rainbow, if a high value crop (read: can be sold at a farmer's market) isn't being grown behind a six foot, chain link/razer wire/electrical combination security fence--preferably with motion detection; you should just forget it.

Apricots were again stolen this week; the kids on the farm actually confronted the family of thieves (hey mom and dad! You actually brought your kids along fo…

Harvest Ticket Week of June 21st

Here's our ticket for this week. I couldn't get it on one page, so scroll down and you'll see the second page. If anyone knows a better way to get our harvest ticket with images onto our blog, we sure would appreciate the tip! We create it in Word, then copy. Then scan and save, import from saved file to here. Surely there is a better way!