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CSA Harvest Ticket for the Week of Thanksgiving, 2014

This week's Large Garden N Grove CSA Box. Three herbs: cilantro, small sprig of rosemary and curly parsley. And the only unusual veggie this week is our beautiful dandelions in the bottom left of the image above. The first of the zutano avocados of the season, in large shares only this week. Yep, the hiatus of avocados have come to an end. With 500+ trees, and several varieties, (mostly Hass) we have avocados in our CSA boxes 9-10 months out of the year. By the time August-September rolls around and we're out of the fruit, many of our much appreciated CSA members are telling us they're OVER guacamole.

Dandelion for Dinner

We don't get dandies in the CSA boxes that often, but everyone got bunches this week! Tell me what you think. Similar to a spicy arugula, dandies are among the most celebrated healthy greens in the Chinese herbalist tool kit. Check this link out if you'd like to learn more about dandelion studies and health benefits:
see here

Blooming Amaranth Grain Heads

Amaranth is among the grains written about years ago in, Save Three Lives, A Plan for Famine Prevention by Robert Rodale. Some of my readers may remember that the Rodales published the Organic Gardening Magazine and were champions of all things pure and clean long before organic certification and commercialization of the organic meme happened along. So...that must be 20 years ago now. I became really interested in amaranth because of Rodale's writing and have grown some ever since, although never successfully enough to offer to CSA members as an edible. We thought we'd try something innovative and try sprouting the seeds, and although they do sprout, and they are a beautiful rose color, the sprouted seed isn't all that tasty. Yes, high in protein, but somewhat bitter.

A few of the tiny seeds from that recent experiment landed in the avocado grove, and yesterday I found these plants. They're gorgeous!