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Cheese Class Announcement

We are scheduling 4 classes this quarter:
February 15th

Wood Fired Pizza/Mozzarella Making Class and Luncheon
Come on out to Morning Song Farm for our first ever wood-fired pizza and mozzarella cheese making class. Morning Song Farm is excited to partner with Chef Zach Bonjiorno from Bonjiorno Pizzerias. Zach is old school and enjoys demonstrating how to make an outstanding wood fired pizza that you will never forget. We'll focus the cheese making portion of the class on two kinds of mozzarella; one that is fast and easy, and one that takes longer but is more intensely flavored.  Clickhere
                   to go to our site for more information.

January 25, February 22, March 22

Beginning Cheese Making Series

A series of three classes, take one or all.  We'll focus the first of 2015's classes on a few of the fun and easy cheeses that will easily turn you into a cheese maker!

Click here
to go to our site for more information.

Harvest Shot, New Year's Week, 2014

Darn cold out here this week, unlike the last two Decembers; this feels like winter. Neighboring Temecula got down into the high 20's last night I hear, and although warmer in Rainbow, it's still lingering close to freezing temperatures at night here; which may mean tree injuries. On the bright side, our deciduous fruit trees require SOME chill, and for two years we've had almost no plums. We should be getting a bumper crop this year.

CSA Box Harvest Shot For December 10, 2014

Today's box is slightly different than yesterday's box because the Protein Crunchy Bean Mix wasn't ready yesterday. We'll move production back a day now that the nights are colder; so hopefully next week we won't have this disappointment. Lot's of mandarins now for a while! The leafy green in the center of the photo is Italian parsley. Super easy to grow, and a lot less strong tasting compared to the curly parsley varieties.

CSA Box Harvest, First Week In December, 2014

Nothing unusual here that would need identification. First week in December is late for our first Satsuma mandarin harvest. Plenty of limes for a while! The image here has only one beet, plenty more in actual boxes. And the long onion looking thing is a leek. I chopped mine up and used in a stir fry...using mostly only the root end and all of the white part of the plant. The top part is too tough.

December's Delivery Schedule Changes

The holidays are here, and as always, we change the last week in December's deliveries by one day. Here's the schedule:
Riverside County: December 23 goes to December 22 (from Tuesday to Monday)
San Diego County: December 23 goes to December 22 (from Tuesday to Monday)
Orange County: December 24 goes to December 23 (from Wednesday to Tuesday)


We'll also put reminder notes in everyone's boxes.