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Small Farmers, Self Employed And Other Undesirables Ordered Into Slavery

Self Employed and Small Farmers And Other Undesirables Ordered Into Ukraine Slavery?
Being a farmer myself, the announcement, about the Ukrainian Ministry announcing official slavery to small farmers and others, caught my eye. 
If you research this, you’ll find reports of the US and Western backed Ukrainian government's official dabbling with the notion of forced labor camps.... under the guise of minor infraction punishments,  being reported as early as August of this year.  Reported by the New York Times on August 4th, 2014: Glum-looking detainees, seized by the rebel authorities for minor infractions, dig ditches, fill sandbags, clear brush and peel potatoes. More serious violations have been met with summary executions, according to some rebel leaders.”
Still…there is some modicum of precedent in unpaid “community service” being meted out as punishment, both hist…

Harvest Shot 9.23.14


Morning Glories and Bees

For most of my life, I've shrugged my shoulders when friends asked me non-edible growing questions. If ya couldn't eat it, I just wasn't that interested. Over the years, even my home's landscaping utilized mostly edibles...sometimes a less than ideal game plan when living under the restrictive guidelines of a HOA as I did in my early 30's. Just saying....

But in the last few years, I have enjoyed adding non edibles on the farm, and have in particular fallen in love with the humble morning glory. The photo left, features three varieties' seeds tossed among a row of rosemary. Morning Glories are as easy to grow as radishes, and are a great canary in the cave if planted next to edibles because they show drought stress sooner than the edible plants we have them growing with. I've noticed that they're reseeding each year, so at least here...we haven't had to plant new seeds each year. They are annuals, rather than perennials which really was among the t…

Got Sprouts?

Lots of our amazing farm supporters have said they'd like to see more sprouts, more often, in their CSA boxes, or alternately...they'd like to learn how to grow their own. It's taken a while to get our ducks in a row, but we now are ready to offer both the automatic sprouting system we recommend (and use a professional version of ourselves) as well as the certified organic, laboratory tested seeds we use.

Here's the new link (it's not even up on our website yet...this goes directly to a secure URL just for this)

and here's the mobile friendly version:

Here's the thing about seeds that you intend to sprout and eat; the seeds you buy in bulk at some natural grocery stores are intended for using in soups...thus killing any lingering bacteria. The level of food safety practices that are required to keep seeds safe for boiling and eating, vs. sprouti…

Upcoming Meetup Events Posted

I've wrestled for years with how to get the word out to our CSA members and local food supporters, when we'd like to announce an event....and am excited about the prospects of our new Farm Meetup group. You don't have to be a member of the farm's CSA to join the Meetup, participate in events, volunteer days, announced tours, and potlucks. We haven't had much interest in advancing gatherings such as potlucks for our farm CSA members, but I think by making it easier to find out about, perhaps we can change that.

Here's our Meetup link:

We have two upcoming events.
Morning Song Farm offers tours to the wholesale tour industry, and occasionally a tour company allows us to offer tickets to an existing event. Date: this Friday, September 12, 2014; 10:00-1:00.

We've scheduled our beginning Cheese Making class for this month for the last Sunday of September, which lands on September 28th. Y…

Harvest Shot For First Week in September

Eggplant at last! We're growing two kinds here this year: the striped one in the image is Gandia, and the solid purple ones without stripes are Black Beauty. This week all peppers in the boxes are sweet, next week we'll have our hot peppers.