Got Sprouts?

Lots of our amazing farm supporters have said they'd like to see more sprouts, more often, in their CSA boxes, or alternately...they'd like to learn how to grow their own. It's taken a while to get our ducks in a row, but we now are ready to offer both the automatic sprouting system we recommend (and use a professional version of ourselves) as well as the certified organic, laboratory tested seeds we use.

Here's the new link (it's not even up on our website yet...this goes directly to a secure URL just for this)

and here's the mobile friendly version:

Here's the thing about seeds that you intend to sprout and eat; the seeds you buy in bulk at some natural grocery stores are intended for using in soups...thus killing any lingering bacteria. The level of food safety practices that are required to keep seeds safe for boiling and eating, vs. sprouting and eating is quite different.  No matter where you source your sprouting seeds, do make certain that the seeds are intended for sprouting and are certified organic.

Some places in the world offer very cheap seed.. even if it's organic, it may have heavy metal contamination issues; particularly if the seed is sourced from China. I believe China will address their pollution issues as they go forward, but for now...eating a concentrated product sourced from China may not be our best bet. Additionally, there is the human waste issue. Certainly using human waste as a fertilizer is an age old method of feeding crops. But beside from the yuck factor, it's not safe. Human waste-grown food is allowed even here in the United States when the product grown isn't being labeled organic. Certified Organic crops are never grown that way. And certified organic seed that is intended for the sprouting industry demands post harvest handling practices that exceed even standard certified organic hygiene practices.

Tossing bulk, conventionally sourced seed into your sprouting system is never a good idea.

If you'd like to add a large volume of sprouts to your diet, and want to control exactly what you get...the Easy Green Sprout System cannot be beat. With 5 separate trays for the home user...each sprouter can give you two harvests a week of 5 different kinds of seeds or mixes. You can also use the single tray and grow your own wheatgrass.

What I love bout the Easy Green is the automated feature, and the fact that water is not recirculated (yuck.) Waste water is drained off into your sink or a bucket.


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