Small Farmers, Self Employed And Other Undesirables Ordered Into Slavery

Self Employed and Small Farmers And Other Undesirables Ordered Into Ukraine Slavery?

Being a farmer myself, the announcement, about the Ukrainian Ministry announcing official slavery to small farmers and others, caught my eye. 

If you research this, you’ll find reports of the US and Western backed Ukrainian government's official dabbling with the notion of forced labor camps.... under the guise of minor infraction punishments,  being reported as early as August of this year.  Reported by the New York Times on August 4th, 2014:
Glum-looking detainees, seized by the rebel authorities for minor infractions, dig ditches, fill sandbags, clear brush and peel potatoes. More serious violations have been met with summary executions, according to some rebel leaders.

Still…there is some modicum of precedent in unpaid “community service” being meted out as punishment, both historically right through to modern days in this country.   By the 1950’s chain gangs were outlawed in all 50 states. Then in the 1990’s, a few states reinstated the use of this form of slavery, notably Alabama.  

Almost all the states that tried to reinstate chain gangs in the 1990’s…literally inmates that are chained together and forced to work…gave up within about a year, with the surprising exception of the County of Maricopa in Arizona. Chained workers forced to work for the Sherriff’s office in that county continue on to this day. Wow, Maricopa!

Anyway, last week, on September 23, 2014 the Ministry in Ukraine’s government seat, Kiev… issued a convoluted statement headlined: “The Government has extended the list of community service under martial law.”

Mandatory community service here, is a euphemism for forced, unpaid slave labor of course, the term in the press release used “without mandatory consent.” OK, Kiev, so who’s on your Slave Labor List?

Here’s the list, folks:
Small farmers
All Self Employed
All Unemployed
And anyone already working under martial law that can be taken “in order to transfer such workers in an amount that will not lead to a complete stop of (of private industrial) production

Who’s Conspicuously Not On The List:
Government Workers
Politicians and their families
The Military

 Then, the very next day after Kiev made this slavery announcement…. September 25th, Germany, ever sensitive to fascist, scary, totalitarian ideology… proves to have been paying attention while the US is mostly too busy with reality TV and other more pressing issues rather than what American dollars are being used to support:  “The German Economic News headlines this:
“On the way into the authoritarian State: Ukraine introduces forced labor.”  
The new rules announced by the Minister for social policy of labor service would mean the introduction of forced labor, which violates the European Convention on human right” as(serted) Andrej Hunko, Member of the Bundestag and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe…”Yatsenyuk’s attempt to set forced labour now legally, is a further step towards an authoritarian society and must be stopped. This is the exact opposite of the supposed democratic development of Ukraine, as it is written by the Maidan movement.”

Here’s another article from a Latvian site:
“Ukrainians Forced To Dig Trenches,”
“The Ukrainian government has introduced the citizens’ obligation to work, obliging them to perform tasks of a defensive nature in wartime conditions. “
To Forced labor, it is planned to bring, in particular, the unemployed, students, farmers and individual entrepreneurs.

Confirming the Ukrainian governments’ use of slavery under the guise of minor infraction punishment.  Civilians are being forced into unpaid servitude for minor allegations like drinking in public, or breaking curfew.

And another from September 5th, Human Rights Watch’s website:

Here’s my point in all this:
It’s American tax dollar and America’s hard earned non partisan credibility and influence in the Ukrainian theatre that is currently supporting and actually paying for the newly imposed Kiev government’s very existence. They need us, we don’t need them.  Americans are well positioned to insist that those we support are guided by respect for human life and civil rights that American’s hold dear. American influence and purse should not be supporting a government that sees nothing wrong with slavery. Period.  This isn’t a political issue, and certainly spans the breadth and width of every American’s political viewpoint. None of us, no political party or belief system in this country supports slavery! So as well positioned Americans paying for the installation of a new, presumably better government in Kiev, after paying for the coup to remove the democratically elected former government in Ukraine… if we DON’T use our position to insist on a reversal of this slave policy, I’d like to know which American policy maker or decision maker is responsible, don't you? To whom shall the slaves lay blame?

And I leave you with this quote from the amazing black writer, speaker, and escaped  southern slave of the 1800’s; Frederick Douglass:

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”


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