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Harvest Shot August 19-20, 2014

We've included Purslane in this week's boxes, note the tasty, tiny black seeds are NOT bugs. Two kinds of peppers, the long, bigger peppers are sweet, and the jalapanos are, of course, hot. If you're new to the Reed Avocado, it ripens a little bit differently than your typical grocery store Hass avocado. It's still taking around a week after harvest to be ready to eat, but because as the fruit ripens the flesh contracts slightly, you might squeeze the fruit and think it's gone bad. That "squish" isn't fruit, it's airspace. I love the Reeds, I think they have the nuttiest, smoothest flavor of all the different varieties we grow. They're not favored by grocery store chains because of their size and weird ripening characteristic.

Beginner's Cheese Making Class: August 31st

Come on out to Morning Song Farm for our beginning cheese making class. We'll focus August's class on a few of the fun and easy cheeses that will easily turn you into a cheese maker! Impress your friends with cheesey offerings and try out a fun and different hobby that brings dividends of appreciation. You may find that you'll discover a passion for cheese as we have here at Morning Song Farm. It's easier than you'd ever think! Follow along with handouts and easy to follow recipes so that your success is insured when you repeat the steps at home. We'll talk about which milk to use, cultures, and why certified organic milk isn't your best choice.  We'll make three different cheeses; Garlic Ricotta, Herbed Queso Fresco, Fromage Blanc, Paneer, Feta and Neufchatel cream cheese are among those we choose to make and sample during the class.  Class starts at 10:00. Arrive 15 minutes early if you'd like, to sample herbed cheeses as well as our …

Harvest Ticket August 12-13th, 2014

First week of our peppers, we're growing both sweets and hots. We bagged them up separately. The bags that have the very-obvious-t- identify jalapenos are all hot, and the bags of peppers that are mostly if not all...the little pumpkin shaped red peppers are sweets.

First week of our Asian pears, too. Many people enjoy these like apples; crisp and hard right off the tree. Others like to let them soften on the counter for a few days. We suggest you try both!

Harvest Ticket August 5th-6th