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Harvest Shot July 29-30 2014

The summer has been kind to us, as the genuine heat wave typical of inland San Diego has not arrived, and we're almost in August! Where did the summer go?

We're excited to share a new item we've been experimenting with, our Sunflower Shoots. We included them in all but two (:/) Large Garden N Grove boxes. (We made up for that unusual slight by substituting other items; something we rarely have to do.) We're still working on getting the timing and yields down. The other clamshelled item is our Purslane, which is among my favorite warm weather veggies. It has a lemony flavor with a very low-cal, satisfying crunch. I add it to salads, sandwiches and offer it up all by itself with a dip. It's a great green to add to a rice paper roll up. I enjoy the stems as well as the leaves. We actually harvested two bunches of Swiss chard for Large Boxes, and one bunch for Small boxes, but ended up with only one bunch in each box because we couldn't get the Large Box lids clos…

Monsanto Wants To Own It All

Morning Song Farm Supporters: The following is an email from Avaaz, an organization fighting Monsanto's attempt to "own" the seeds that feed us all....

Dear friends,

The source of our planet's food is under threat. Ten agro-chemical firms own 73% of the commercial seed market, and as many as 93% of seed varieties have gone extinct. In the US alone 85% of apple varieties have disappeared.

Monsanto and co. are privatizing the genesis of nature. And this corporate takeover is decimating sustainable farming, destroying the diversity of our crops, and making them vulnerable to diseases that could threaten our food security.

But farmers are resisting, saving seeds in banks and barns across the world. Now they have devised a revolutionary project -- the first ever, non-profit "eBay" of seed where any farmer, anywhere can source a wide variety of plants cheaper than the genetically modified seeds from chemical companies. This global online store could re-flood the…

Hey! Your Farmer Needs Your Help

I just spent my morning writing a detailed blog entry about the problems we are having with our much appreciated subscribers not using our Change Order Link. I don't have time to rewrite it all, but bottom line: we have a change order link. It can be found on our website under the CSA link. Please don't send Change Orders/Cancellations/ Add-on changes to my phone, email, via a conversation with one of my kids, my driver, or crew member. We have an awesome, secure link for cancellations and change orders, including credit card or payment changes.

No one is here manning every possible pathway to the barn door with possible changes. Like the rest of the world, I travel and take days off. The Change Order Link never does. It's there to keep everything in order so that who ever is making roster changes can easily print out all changes, and make the necessary roster revisions.

No one is here combing through a thousand weekly emails in three email accounts to find the Change Orde…