Hey! Your Farmer Needs Your Help

I just spent my morning writing a detailed blog entry about the problems we are having with our much appreciated subscribers not using our Change Order Link. I don't have time to rewrite it all, but bottom line: we have a change order link. It can be found on our website under the CSA link. Please don't send Change Orders/Cancellations/ Add-on changes to my phone, email, via a conversation with one of my kids, my driver, or crew member. We have an awesome, secure link for cancellations and change orders, including credit card or payment changes.

No one is here manning every possible pathway to the barn door with possible changes. Like the rest of the world, I travel and take days off. The Change Order Link never does. It's there to keep everything in order so that who ever is making roster changes can easily print out all changes, and make the necessary roster revisions.

No one is here combing through a thousand weekly emails in three email accounts to find the Change Order gems. We just don't have the staffing for that.

We still want to hear from you, and CSA members are encouraged to communicate their thoughts and feedback to: csa@morningsongfarm.com. If I'm out of town or taking a day off, your emails will be answered on my return. When your note includes a change order, that portion of your communication will be directed to our change order link, so that your request is addressed without fail by the crew member who does the rosters and Change Order updates.

Please help your farm run smoothly, by utilizing our link for all changes. Please do not send Changes via phone message, text message, facebook (no kidding) email account, Linked-In, sticky notes, written on the returned empty CSA box, snail mailed, or smoke signals.


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