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Wierd white looking roots are parsnips

Today's basket has the first of many avocados, it's a Bacon. Soon we'll begin the Hass avocado harvest. As most of you know, we lost the majority of our avo grove in October's fires, but we still have enough surviving trees to keep our CSA supporters well supplied. Hass is usually released sometime in January. (We can't harvest our avocados until the Avocado Commission says the oil content has reached perfection. Release dates for our Hass is usually mid-January, although I haven't checked on-line, yet.)

The weird, kind of ugly root thing in this week's baskets is a parsnip. You have to try it! Last night I peeled a few and baked along with a whole chicken, some potatoes and carrots. These parsnips taste something like sweet potato, with a little sharper spiciness. Make sure they're completely cooked, and as soft as a cooked sweet potato would be.

Everything else in the basket this week should be identifiable. There's the last of the fioja guavas, …

Skipping December 25 and December 26 Baskets

Basket deliveries will be skipped on December 25th and December 26th. On Jan. 1. we resume January 2nd, which is a Wednesday.