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Notes from Farmer Donna

Midweek, we are finally seeing our berry bushes full of ripe berries. It's been a weird summer berry-wise. We've never seen so few berries! Although it's a fond memory; early summer was really cool out here in East County; something I guess we can expect to see every 20 years or so. Our berry bushes hated the unseasonably cool weather and responded by sulking in the coolness with loads of unripening berries. We kept saying NEXT WEEK! That said, even though we're in berry heaven yield wise; these aren't the sweetest berries you'll ever try. It's not the variety's fault-- as we've been growing these for a decade, and they're usually sweet.

Large shares received Fuerte avocados; which should be among the best Fuerte's you've ever tasted. They are ready to pick around November-December, and we've waited until now-- in August-- to allow them to increase their oil content. Few farmers will do that; and it's one of the reasons that Fuer…

Harvest Ticket August 21-22, 2012


Harvest Ticket August 7-8 2012

Click on image to enlarge for easier viewing. What's unusual this week is the purslane that you'll find in clamshells. We're excited to get it back in our boxes this week. Purslane boasts some stellar Omegas besides its signitaure crunch! Eat raw in salads or serve with dip as in the image below.

Daughter Tessa discovered an enormous bumper crop of our normally meager sour wild grapes. Too late to get in any but the trade in shares on Tuesday, we put our wild grapes in all shares on Wednesday. Yes, they're somewhat sour, but so tiny that they can be enjoyed by anyone--even sour grape haters; just throw in a smoothie if you like your grapes sweet. These are seedless and really flavorful!