Harvest Ticket Week of June 21st

Here's our ticket for this week. I couldn't get it on one page, so scroll down and you'll see the second page. If anyone knows a better way to get our harvest ticket with images onto our blog, we sure would appreciate the tip! We create it in Word, then copy. Then scan and save, import from saved file to here. Surely there is a better way!


Lisa Olsen said…
I have two suggestions, and both require a photobucket account, which is free and easy to get.

My first suggestion, which is truthfully what I would do would be to upload all the fruit/vegetable pictures into photobucket, and then just write the harvest ticket as a post on the blog adding the html of the pictures from photobucket to the list as you go.

If I wanted to keep the word document format, I would take a screen shot of the word document, paste the picture into paint, save it. Then upload that paint file into photobucket and put the html into a blog post.

But that's just me, and it might seem like more work to do either of those than your regular format.

I am sorry to hear about your thief problems... what is this world coming to?

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