Harvest Ticket October 22-23 2013

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We have persimmons for everyone this week, although the harvest would be twice as bountiful if Couscous the Bad Llama hadn't discovered a taste for persimmons this year. He ate just about half the crop. We'll put a low fence around the trees for next year so it won't happen again. I don't know why he chose this year to discover the fruit, he's had access for many years.


Benjamin.Hobson said…
I thought the persimmons were a weird tomato. I was waiting for it to get softer like a tomato, but it wasn't. So bit into one and came to found out it definitely wasn't a tomato. Thanks for saving these from the Llamas.
Benjamin.Hobson said…
Thanks for saving these from the Llamas. I was surprised when I tried one. I thought they were weird tomatoes at first.

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