Love That Purslane

Since the herb purslane is so nutrient packed, we've played around with different ways to serve it and here's a farm favorite. Similar to how brocolli is often served with a dipping sauce, arrange your purslane branches around a dip of your choice and serve chilled. Easy and fun enough for kids and veggie-haters alike to enjoy! As soon as the nights get a little cooler, we won't have anymore in the gardens...purslane is definately a summer herb.


OOOOh so you can eat the stems too? I am over here plucking the leaves. Good to know. But I am such a dummy, my mom makes an awesome dish with these, but I know them a verdolagas.
I finally figured out what this Purslane herb is, I know it as verdolagas and I grew up eating it in a very delicious dish that my mom makes with pork. "Espinazo con derdolagas". Now if I can only get more and get her to make it for me.

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