Weird Looking Root Thing is Kolhrobi

The weird root looking thing in baskets this week is kohlrobi. Peel and prepare much like you would beets. Cut into large pieces, steam, drizzle with a little olive oil or freshly made butter. A nice addition is a little crumbled macadamia nut scattered on top. Some people like them mashed, with butter, salt and pepper. I'm told the Chinese prepare it two ways, typically: one is very lightly sauteed and still a little crunchy, and the other is cooked fairly well to the consistency of a scallopped potato. Either way is delicious! Who knew such an ugly looking thing would be so tasty. Enjoy.


Todd said…
Thanks for keeping us well-supplied with a plethora of interesting fruits and vegetables. Your baskets have introduced me to a whole variety of items I've never tried. I'm especially looking forward to the kohlrabi.

Other unusual item have included the heirloom beans, the tatsoi, the raw macadamias and the kumquats. Yum!
So what is the large grapefruit looking thig?
susan said…
So what is the really weird grapefruit thing?

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