Hawaii, Without The Ocean

As the crew arrived this morning to finish our Wednesday harvest and pack our CSA boxes for deliveries, more than one remarked that it doesn't feel like ordinary weather today. As in, "Hawaii without the ocean."  Unbelievably humid, the air is so heavy and still, the farm's normal tree-branch wind chimes have been silenced.  Farm cat leader, Samee, pictured above, has melted in the heat into his Not To Be Trespassed Spot. Such a friendly looking guy, surprisingly, he loses his stuff entirely if any other cat gets near the area in the farmhouse that he has carved out as His And Only His. Don't mistake that relaxed expression. He has no flexibility regarding his stated territorial rights. More than one guest here in our farmhouse has leaped out of bed, certain a cat was being eaten alive by a coyote, only to discover Samee expressing his displeasure at a fellow cat's unwelcome venture into his linened turf.


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