Stealing My Fruit

So, it's just an ongoing issue out here on our farm. Really, the whole front 4 acres of the property is targeted regularly, by folks that genuinely do not think they are actually stealing when confronted. What is it about Morning Song Farm that otherwise normal looking people think it's "not stealing" when they park their vehicle, get out, swinging their harvest bucket at their side and help themselves to the farm's tree fruits? Someone maybe can help me out here, because it just confounds me. Truly, I remain incredulous.  I just confronted yet another thief...this one with his small child acting as accomplice. Really, you parental idiot? If I was a's  my face that this gentleman got confronted with...with pleasantries exchanged, to match the face. His response? He didn't "mean" to steal anything. Oh KAY I asked him, "You didn't MEAN to steal from us? So you ACCIDENTALLY fell out of your car, after parking your vehicle on my property with no intention whatsoever of stealing fruit,  accidentally grabbed your harvest bucket, accidentally reached into fruit trees, and accidentally harvested fruit that isn't yours. This brings "accidental" to a whole new level of incomprehension.


Laura Miklos said…
Sorry to hear about this - thanks for everything you do to bring the food to your subscribers. If there's anything we can do, please let me know. I can volunteer a few Saturdays to help out if you all are trying to figure out a way to keep people from doing this. Also really sorry to hear about the loss of the chicken flock. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help out, donations, volunteer our time, etc.

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