New drop off points considered

We're getting a lot of requests for a couple more drop off points. We're thinking of adding a Corona del Mar, a Temecula, and a Riverside drop off. If anyone has an opinion about where specifically, in those communities might be the perfect drop off site, please let Farmer Donna know.


Maureen said…
If you do a drop off in Temecula please consider making it convenient for those of us in Murrieta. Thanks, Maureen
Anonymous said…
I love the fresh produce. This is my first basket...i am so excited to try the recipes! does anyone know if the baby bok choy can be re-hydrated and if so, the best way to do it? i left mine uncovered in the fridge and it is a little limp... :(
Anonymous said…
Try wrapping it in a damp paper towel and see if that helps.


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